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The City I Live In. New York. .jpeg

The City I Live In. New York, 40 x 60", oil acrylic on canvas



Creativity is a way to tell a story and evoke emotion. The philosophy of Kazimir Malevich and Suprematism, his Russian abstract art movement, offers a unique look at the world around us through its characteristically simple geometric shapes, a significant source of inspiration for my art. One of my most vital goals in creating my works is to inspire a new way of thinking, as abstract art promotes the ability to express freely in an original way. 


I chose to expand my artistic view on abstract forms that blend lines and color. My abstract work reflects my interpretation of the abstract way of thinking. I strive to capture the mood of the surrounding world through these modalities and am drawn towards the simple, unpretentious, and quotidian in framing my vision of reality. This sensibility can be reflected in my abstract series "Love in Three Colors" and "Adam & Eve Rebirth," which depict emotional connections between people, passions, and expressions of love that provoke a sense of movement as a continuation of life.


I work with traditional materials such as oil, watercolor, ink, and pencil, creating abstract artworks that capture the beauty of seemingly mundane objects and spaces. Creating my art is a visceral experience, with my art being the tool with which I can express, envision, and share with others in unique ways the concepts of life that drive humanity most—such as love, truth, and the underlying beauty of the everyday experience.

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