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Art Studio

Seroff Art Studio offers art classes for children and adults. The class is a small group of three to six students. Each student is offered a personalized curriculum, based on his/her skills and their depth of knowledge in fine art.


The following options are available:


- One-hour group lesson                        $45         ($270 per six weeks)
- Extended lesson 90 mins                     $65
- Two-hour lesson                                   $90 

- One-hour private lesson                      $60

- Extended private lesson 90 mins        $90

- A two-hour lesson is available


Drawing workshop:

- Drawing at The Met museum             $35     (Two hours minimum)


Each semester is 6 weeks. Holidays and school breaks are not included in the semester.

First-time students are offered one FREE trial lesson.


To register for the class use the BUY NOW button, or please call 917- 525-3040 / email 

All credit cards/checks are accepted. Registration per semester is appreciated.


Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule or the private lesson, contact me directly. 


Elena Seroff Art Studio offers a unique and custom program due to its flexible schedule and an individual approach to each student. Students focus on subjects such as art history, various art techniques, color theory, and hands-on experience of working with paintings and art installations.


We look forward to having one or two field trips per semester to one of the major museums in New York City. Sketching/drawing will be held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art only. Student’s artwork will be shown in the private exhibit held twice a year.



Please feel free to share this information with others who are interested in art.

If you would like to see students' artwork, click this button.



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Rising Star. Little Artist

Elena Seroff Art Studio ( and Koren Kropf Studio ( ) welcome everyone to the second annual Children's Art Exhibition and a free kid's guided hands-on art workshop.


Saturday, June 9th from 2 pm to 4 pm.

67th Street Public Library
328 East 67th St, Third Floor
New York, NY 10065

Please register for the workshop: Space is limited. The last day of the registration is on June 7th. Invite your family, friends, and classmates. 
Visit for more information

Exhibiting students:

Liah Igel
Margot Katz
Aadi and Ishaan Punwani
Ivan and Matthew Lyubyanitskiy
Nina and Vera Kropf
Hannah and Josie Polevoy
Lana Andikyan
Arsh Sharma
Sharon Zlatnik
Aidan and Michael Zavlunov
Elizabeth Isakov
Gabriella Lak

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