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Geometric Abstraction.

- Contemplation is inspired by meditation and self-reflection. It is about analyzing one’s thoughts and dreams.
- Composition #1 symbolizes my love for music. I always paint while listening to music. This composition was inspired and dedicated to my dear friend, Michael Zvyagin. 
- A Russian Doll is a painting from The Dolls series. The geometrical round forms characterize the Matryoshka, the traditional Russian nesting doll. The first Russian Nesting Dolls were created in 1890 in Abramtsevo Estate near Moscow. The divided black and blue circle on the top right side symbolizes a royal scepter - a symbol of spiritual and imperial power. The red and blue triangle that goes into the Matryoshka and holds the large yellow circle tells us that the Matryoshka could fall. This idea indicates the political and economic instability seen throughout Russian history. However, the illusion of a falling Circle is false. The large blue and the yellow rings are placed in the center of the canvas, signifying that Russia can withstand all its difficulties”.


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